Convenient trackside physiotherapy and massage services

Convenient trackside physiotherapy and massage services

Get piece of mind at your next race event knowing you’ve got all your physiotherapy and massage needs met taken care of. Here’s something even better, you don’t even have to be a rider to take advantage of our services! Is extreme sports your thing? We have your back! More Info Book A Session Today We travel around to major motocross events around South East Queensland and sometimes further to bring a health professional to you. Take advantage of our unique Mobile Physiotherapy Clinic at your next moto event! More Info Book A Session Today
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What Is Sarah's Moto Physio To Go?

We provide high quality, full comprehensive detailed assessments and treatments for all acute and chronic injuries in the comfort and convenience of your own surroundings. Why leave the house when everything can come straight to your doorstep?

We have an extensive list of treatments and go above and beyond to ensure every customer has a fantastic experience and walks away happy and has a firm understanding of what the reason is for their pain, discomfort and/or loss of function and how to manage it from there.

We pride ourselves on top quality treatments for our clients to make a difference in their quality of life and happiness. Another thing we are very passionate about is ensuring our clients reach their optimal level of function to reach their peak performance for their extreme sports and not so extreme hobbies.

Covid-19 Update

Our number one priority is the safety of ALL our clients and staff.  To do this, we need some help from you. Here’s our most recent policy:

All clients need to check into the QLD app – whether your consultation is at your home, workplace or public area you are required to check in. If you are unsure how – please ask one of our friendly staff and we can certainly assist

Prior to your appointment please let receptionist know (0428880197) if you are feeling unwell with ANY COVID symptoms. Your appointment will be rescheduled with no fees associated 

Practice good hand hygiene 

Staff will inform you of any additional requirements (i.e. mask wearing)

Our Services

Full comprehensive physio assessments & treatments available trackside! Focusing on patient centered care, goal planning, exercise prescription and treatment directed around your priorities…

If you have an acute or chronic injury or have been suffering from a pain that is now affecting your function and ability to perform at your best, this is for you! It is specifically designed for a fast paced race day!

 This treatment involves a mini assessment of the affected area to ensure which strapping technique is appropriate and most successful for you.

If you get a few laps into a race or you make it to your last lap with that dreaded feeling in your forearms and possible cramps in the fingers then pull off the track because you just can’t hold on or coordinate the controls anymore, this is for you!

This analysis carefully Identifies the body’s ability to move underload, in a weight bearing, functional capacity which translates to riding/cycling. 

If you’re suffering with discomfort and pain in your neck or back or would like to focus on the longevity of your quality of life and avoid a potential injury or muscle/ movement imbalance or dysfunction, this is for you.

Sarahs Moto Physio To Go

We’re that health professional you’ve been looking for when it’s race day!  Supporting you trackside when you need us most – convenience at its finest!

This unique business here at Sarah’s Moto Physio To Go was designed to incorporate all aspects of physiotherapy, recovery and massage in one convenient one stop shop for all riders and athletes.  Not only can the riders take advantage of these services – so can ALL SPECTATORS, There is something for everyone!

We’re here if you come off and hurt yourself while competing/riding, or you could be returning to sport from injury or post surgery or you could just have a niggly pain or tightness somewhere that’s putting a block on your progression with training or competing.

You have access to our large variety of services right at your fingertips, all available for you onsite/trackside at your extreme sports & motorsport events. This could mean that those competitions & race days where you do fall off and hurt yourself somewhere, you start to feel your old knee injury playing up or start to feel some back pain, well you might not have to feel so disheartened and have to pack up and not complete the rest of the event! How good is that? Also, a lot of you are travelling so many hours just to attend & I know I spend a lot of hours/days on the road when I race.

So you might not have to finish the day early!! You might not have to miss out on points, training hours or that placing on the podium. You can still put in your maximum performance and all without leaving the track! How would that feel? What difference will that make to you?
Follow up consults are very much possible too, either at the next round of the event, a home visit or even a convenient online follow up so we can ensure that your making progress and optimizing your recovery to have you back on that bike in the quickest time frame!

Can’t get any more convenient than this!


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Below is a calendar showing all the tracks / dates we will be attending in the upcoming months. Bookings are advised but if you need to see us on the day, do not hesitate to see the team.