Convenient trackside physiotherapy and massage services

Convenient trackside physiotherapy and massage services

The Arm Pump Prevention Program

What is the arm pump prevention program?

This arm pump prevention program was created by myself, a sports physiotherapist, a fellow rider & motocross enthusiast. Also, the high demand from my clients & athletes consistently approaching my trackside clinic, suffering from the barriers of arm pump has had a huge influence. Most of us are aware of the effects this can have on our riding, but it could be that one factor that may lose you spots on that podium.

This program was carefully put together & designed to address the physiological cause of arm pump long term – this isn’t a quick fix. This is a program designed for any rider at any level that wants to prevent the dreaded arm pump from hindering them from achieving optimal performance on the bike.

There are some myths out there floating around about not training forearms, and various ways to prevent arm pump. I’m here as a medical professional (and motocross enthusiast) to educate you about why we do the things we do and how it will help! At the end of the day, you would not want to be steered in the wrong direction, thus increasing your arm pump as this can be vital to your riding not to mention, painful!

I mean you wouldn’t stop training your legs just incase it makes it worse on the bike? No! You want to complete training that best replicates your chosen sports – thats the specificity of training.

Completing training that is specific to your sport is so important! You wouldn’t be training for swimming or football if you’re a motocross rider or just completing a generic run of the mill exercise program. 

To be the best in your sport, you have to think a little more about specificity of training and less about your generic all round strength training.

This program includes three sections:

Each section contains carefully selected exercises chosen to gain optimal performance and function
from your forearm / wrist and elbow complex while assisting with the best injury prevention.

This program can also be tailored around injury as you are working alongside a medical professional, there are no barriers to achieving your goals!

What steps are involved?

1. We start the program with a convenient online consultation with your physiotherapist
  • This encompasses a thorough assessment & screening for current / past injuries & your medical history to gain an understanding of your current training routines and your specific goals.
  • We run through your exercises during the consultation so you have a firm understanding of what you’re doing and then we allow ample time for any questions regarding completing the program.
  • Your physiotherapist will run through the ‘why’ arm pump occurs and the physiological explanation of what you’re feeling.
  • You will gain some insight on more ways to further aid in the prevention of arm pump and tips to avoid over training and to maximize your recovery!
2. When your first online consult is complete, you will have a firm understanding of:
  • The exercises to be completed and why.
  • What causes arm pump.
  • Other areas to aid in prevention of arm pump and enhancing recovery and performance outside the exercises on the online program.
  • How the program runs and check-ins throughout the program.
  • If you have a current/previous wrist or elbow injury prior to commencing the program, you will gain an understanding of what’s required for full recovery and how the program can be altered to account for the injury and to proceed confidently with this program.
  • You will soon get your login details for your program and get started!
3. You have consistent support from your physiotherapist while completing the program
  • During the program, you will have multiple online check-ups through your journey. First check-up is at week 1, second check-up is at week 3, one at week 6 and then final check-up at the end of your 8 week journey. At the final check-up, we will assess, reflect & progress if required to the next, more advanced program.
  • These check-ups are to ensure that you’re on the right track and allow for any uncertainties to be rectified. It’s very important to me that my clients have and feel 100% support from me as their physiotherapist and to remain motivated and to be accountable for their progress.
  • I want to ensure i do everything possible so my clients reach their goals and achieve optimal performance on that bike!

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