Convenient trackside physiotherapy and massage services

Convenient trackside physiotherapy and massage services

Moto Physio

What Is Sarahs Moto Physio To Go?

We provide high quality, full comprehensive detailed assessments and treatments for all acute and chronic injuries in the comfort and convenience of your own surroundings. Why leave the house when everything can come straight to your doorstep?

We have an extensive list of treatments and go above and beyond to ensure every customer has a fantastic experience and walks away happy and has a firm understanding of what the reason is for their pain, discomfort and/or loss of function and how to manage it from there.

We pride ourselves on top quality treatments for our clients to make a difference in their quality of life and happiness. Another thing we are very passionate about is ensuring our clients reach their optimal level of function to reach their peak performance for their extreme sports and not so extreme hobbies.

Sarahs Moto Physio To Go

Initial & Follow up Physiotherapy Consultations

An initial consultation will be undertaken first where all your relevant history and current presentation and goals are all taken into account to create a fully comprehensive assessment and treatment for any injury or concern. It is 45 minutes in length and you will walk away well on your way to pain free recovery. Along with education around your injury/concern to give you peace of mind, some further direction for treatment, activity modification and receive a specific individualised exercise rehabilitation program designed around what you require to achieve full recovery. Follow up consultations are for ongoing treatments and plans to ensure you return to optimal function.

Mini Assessment & Treatment

If you have an acute or chronic injury or have been suffering from a pain that is now affecting your function and ability to perform at your best, this is for you! It is specifically designed for a fast paced race day so if you don’t have time for a full consultation, no worries! This is the perfect service for you. As this is a Mini assessment, the length of the consultation is 20-30 minutes and there are no home prescription exercises.

Mini Assessment & Strapping

If you’re at the stage of your recovery where you are transitioning to return to sport from injury and you would either like some extra support for your joint or assist to reduce the movement or the pain while out riding then strapping can assist you. This treatment involves a mini assessment of the affected area to ensure which strapping technique is appropriate and most successful for you.

Strapping tape is also commonly utilised in the acute injury setting when you have just injured yourself and you just require some short term stability, control and pain relief to be able to continue riding. **If you have suffered an acute injury, strapping the injury is not the long term solution to recovery. It’s recommended to seek a physiotherapist consultation to ensure the injury is assessed and treated appropriately. **

Arm Pump Treatment

If you get a few laps into a race or you make it to your last lap with that dreaded feeling in your forearms and possible cramps in the fingers then pull off the track because you just can’t hold on or coordinate the controls anymore, this is for you!

These treatments are quick and effective so you can squeeze in some effective relief either between practice and your first race, between your races, prior to your first ride/practice or even after racing is complete to enhance your recovery.

Full Body Mobility Assessment & Exercise Prescription

Mobility assessments are vital to not only someone recovering from injury or surgery but to any rider or person that wants to ensure that every joint in the body is performing optimally and as efficiently as possible. Mobility assessments have a focus on prevention of injuries & enhancing overall performance & recovery.

A detailed thorough assessment of every major joint in the body is performed. Then from those results along with your goals, that will indicate where the focus of treatment is needed for the session and further contribute to what the rehab/exercise program will consist of. Your treatment includes; education around the identified problems, hands on treatment & your home exercise program which has focus around how much you can fit in around your day and lifestyle. Follow up mobility assessment consultations are ideal for reassessment of mobility after exercise prescription. Also allowing for a readjusting plan to keep you on track for the best results.

Dynamic Movement Analysis

This analysis carefully Identifies the body’s ability to move underload, in a weight bearing, functional capacity which translates to riding/cycling. To gain a full dynamic assessment with the body working in synergy enables the therapist to utilise the results to determine which areas are in need of attention to improve your performance on the bike!

This is an essential component of off the bike training that translates to on the bike (motocross & BMX) performance. This analysis is designed to evaluate the essential/fundamental movements and neuromuscular patterning required for motocross, BMX & cycling to ensure you are training, performing and recovery at your peak!

Postural Analysis

If you’re suffering with discomfort and pain in your neck or back or would like to focus on the longevity of your quality of life and avoid a potential injury or muscle/ movement imbalance or dysfunction, this is for you.

This analysis creates awareness and education for you around the static posture of your whole body, from your head to your feet, identifying which muscles are overactive (or ‘short, tight & sometimes weak’) compared to those that are underactive (or ‘long and weak’) and how it affects you. Furthermore, it gives you the tools & steps to resolve the concerns and create change in your posture to avoid injury, headaches, unwanted muscular tension and of course a potential injury long term. This is also a popular assessment that compliments workplace assessments regarding desk and computer set up ergonomics. As a typical posture is multifactorial and you need to consider a focus on every factor including, anatomical, environmental, social, emotional, recreational and occupational elements to bring about the most benefit.

**The dynamic analysis is highly recommended for those who are active or play a sport and are looking to achieve their goals, improve performance & take it to the next level.

Stretch Therapy

Sit back and relax while our therapists take the effort out of stretching and complete it for you. All you have to do is lay down and relax & we stretch your muscles and tissues out to allow your body to recover after a hard day out on the bike. If you indicate to us that you have recurrent tightness and pain in an area or muscle group, that will be our focus. Alternatively, the therapist will stretch out the specific areas of the body that are most affected by your sport.

Warm Up Stretch and Recovery Group Sessions

These group sessions are specifically designed to optimise your warm up, enhance your recovery, prevent injuries and ultimately achieve peak performance within your specific sport. The warm ups are designed around the exact movements performed while completing your sport eg, riding. The stretches and mobility session is targeted around recovering the appropriate muscles, tissue and joints to allow swift recovery and to be able to complete training through the week and days leading up to specific Enhance recovery in a group/team environment

Össur CTI Braces

CTi braces provide the ultimate combination of stabilisation and protection of the knee joint. This truly custom-made brace is:
As a physiotherapist we cannot go past the protection these braces provide, thus the reason for our strong recommendation. A knee brace that is suited 100% to your knee’s anatomy cannot compete with any other. As health professionals, our precision in measuring specific points will ensure you get the comfort and protection you’re looking for when riding.

As well as the Custom fit CTi braces, the off the shelf CTi OTS and kids C180 Rockets braces are also available. Contact us for any enquiries regarding any of these amazing CTI products.

Normatec Recovery Boots

What do Normatec Recovery Boots do?

Compression therapy is a non-invasive modality proven to assist with increasing circulation and range of motion, relaxation and recovery. Reduce pain and delayed onset muscle soreness, boost pressure to pain threshold and clear muscle cell metabolites and waste products from the limbs after physical activity.

This system is great to take advantage of after strenuous exercise to enhance recovery. Recline back and let the boots do the work for you! 
*Different timed sessions available.


Warm up/ Recovery Massage:

Warm up Massage is an important adjunct to your dynamic warm up routine prior to training, riding to competing in any sports. It helps the body prepare for the loads and demands of the physical activity by increasing the blood flow, reducing the tissue tension and passively warming up the muscles and tissues. Additionally, it is recommended to complete dynamic warm ups alongside massage to warm up your joints appropriately and to optimise your performance and reduce the likelihood of injury- you can get your own specific warm up program today! How? Just enquire on the contact us page.

Recovery massage is a specific technique that aids in increased blood flow to the tissues and muscles to reduce post muscle soreness and restore muscle length & optimise your bodies recovery.

Remedial Massage

Is a great way to achieve a reduction in stress, increase your relaxation & aid in recovery. This therapy also aids in reducing pain levels and anxiety.

-1 Hour FULL BODY relaxation massage available: Great way to relax and unwind with all major muscle groups being worked to give an overall sense of relief.

-Head, Neck and shoulder Massage: 20 minute massage to help relax one of the most problematic areas.

The remedial massage is excellent for spectators, parents, and riders!

Online Programs

We offer a variety of individualised and effective online programs. These include a Telehealth consultation for an initial assessment, then a tailored program will be make specifically for you working around your capabilities and your injuries (if you have any).
Online programs available at the moment:

-Warm up programs – pre training or riding. Will aid in injury prevention and prepare your body for the upcoming load

-Stretch & Recovery programs – Post training or riding. Aids in preventing post muscle soreness, prevents injuries and structured around your areas of concern.

-Transition to sport exercises Programs- Perfect for wanting to transition back into your sport of choice after an injury. We are very passionate about providing people with the tools to be able to do the sports they love.

-The Arm Pump Prevention Program- See more details under the Sarah’s Moto Physio To Go link. Specified to Motocross riders suffering from arm pump.

-MX FITT- See more details under the MX FITT link within the Sarah’s Moto Physio To Go  to find out how this can help you

Arm Pump Program

This online training program is specifically designed for you as a motocross athlete to address the physiological cause of what we call arm pump so it wont be a set back when we are out on the bike. This is one of the most debilitating conditions I see with my athletes struggle with trackside. Its not only biomechanics, physiology and anatomy that’s my specialty, I have also experienced arm pump first hand being a motocross rider myself and the demands that riding a motocross bike take out of our bodies. Further to this, unfortunately its also the most neglected part of training for most athletes.

Sponsored Riders

Sarah’s Moto Physio To Go is very passionate about supporting all riders, especially women within the sport to help them be the best athlete’s they can be. By providing them with the best education around optimal body function and to provide the tools to make this happen in the most convenient way sets them up to be able to perform to their absolute best.

Taylor-Fuzz Thompson 'T2' - Sydney Region

Taylor is an extremely talented young motocross athlete who excels her performance at every race. She has taken advantage of our physiotherapy services and says it has helped her performance on the track immensely. We look forward to working with this very passionate young lady throughout her 2021 career and furthermore.

Ryley Fitzpatrick '185' - South East Queensland Region

Ryley Fitzpatrick is a very talented and humble young rider who always gives the track his best, and it certainly shows!  We love being able to help Ryley perform to the best of his abilities and looking forward to supporting him throughout the following race years.  

Tahlia Drew '17' - South East Queensland Region

Tahlia has shown exceptional skill, performance and endurance on the bike. Her dedication to the sport is admirable and we are very proud to announce her sponsorship with Sarah’s Moto Physio To Go in 2021. We look forward to working with this young athlete to give her the support and tools required to optimise her body’s functionality for her performance.

Ashlea Bates '755' - Coffs Harbour Region

Madi Simpson

Madi Simpson - Toowoomba

Hi my name is Madi Simpson and I’m a 14 year old motocross racer. I race for the Toowoomba mpe race team on a crf250r and I am very excited to see what the 2022 race season has in store for me!!!

Charli cannon

 I’m 16 yrs old and I race for the yamalube yamaha racing team. This year is my first year in seniors which I’m competing in the MXW class at the aus pro mx where I’m currently leading the championship. Im a multi-time female Qld champion as well as a 4x female Australian champion. I try and train three times a week with the ford dale elite group as well as gym twice a week with 547 performance. My goals are to be able to secure a ride over in Europe and race in the MXWGP.

Travelling Physio Events Calendar

Below is a calendar showing all the tracks / dates we will be attending in the upcoming months. Bookings are advised but if you need to see us on the day, do not hesitate to see the team.